Welcome to Sunset Oak Dental Serving Rocklin and Roseville

Who says you can’t enjoy the dentist?

Welcome to Sunset Oak Dental’s official website! Here at Sunset Oak Dental, Dr. Felahy and his expert staff are taking comfort and professional dental care to uncharted levels from our Rocklin office. We believe taking your dental care seriously shouldn’t mean you must dread visiting your dentist. Please, allow us to explain…

With our investment in state of the art laser technologies, the days of enduring the shrill sounding drill are over! With us, you can just lay back and enjoy the ride, so to speak and it’s perfect for family dental!  And as for the half day it takes to get the feeling back in your mouth? Our commitment to use only the best dental anesthetics means you no longer need to be numb for hours after your visit; with us you will only be numb for about thirty minutes following most standard procedures! Furthermore, with many of our painless cosmetic treatments, having that beautiful smile you always dreamed of – and the confidence to show it off – is easier and more affordable than ever! Take a look at Our Services and see what the care of a skilled dentist can do for you.

Our office is conveniently located in Rocklin but also a short drive from Roseville and Lincoln.  You’ll be happy you made the trip!

Of course, staying well ahead of the curve isn’t everything…

Being one of the finest, most widely respected dentists in the industry and using the latest technologies, procedures and anesthetics isn’t enough, if you and your family don’t feel you are a cherished part of our family. A successful relationship with your dentist will likely span years, even decades into the future. This is why all of us at Sunset Oak Dental are committed to providing you (and hopefully) your family with all the care, trust and comfort one would hope for in such an important, long-lasting relationship. This is how friends become family.

Contact Dr. Felahy for your next dentist visit and family dentist needs, we look forward to adding you to our Rocklin and Roseville family!