White Fillings

If you suffer from stained teeth, or teeth that are either cracked or have suffered decay, bonding—the use of a composite resin colored to match your surrounding teeth—has proven to be an excellent, less costly cosmetic solution, as well as a viable alternative to amalgams and more expensive veneers. This painless procedure will give you confidence in your smile, and the great news is it can be completed in a single visit!

About the Procedure:

We begin by removing the decayed or unpleasant portion of the tooth. Next we etch the tooth with either a liquid or gel (depending on the tooth) and the bonding agent is applied. The composite resin is then placed in the prepared tooth. Once this is complete, the resin is then trimmed, shaped and polished, resulting in a naturally sculpted, beautiful restoration.

Bonding Permanence:

Composite resins are cosmetically pleasing and easily placed, and they present a less costly alternative to more expensive procedures, but they are not a life-long solution. Typical resins maintain their strength and durability for anywhere from four to seven years before they begin showing minor wear. At this time, you would simply return and repeat the original procedure.

Before & After:

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