As we grow older, our teeth change and are often times prone to decay. This is sometimes due to grinding your teeth at night (bruxism), normal decay, the breakdown of old filings, root canals, among other lesser reasons. If it is deemed your tooth is beyond repair with standard filling material, often the best course of action is to save the tooth using a full crown. The reasons for using this type of restoration in a damaged tooth are durability, cosmetic appearance, and the overall support of chewing function.

Types of Crowns:

Should you need a full crown, your options for repairing your tooth are limited to a full porcelain crown, a porcelain fused to metal or gold crown, or a full gold crown. We will take the time to discuss your options with you and together we will decide on the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Rest assured, with a new crown, your tooth will be virtually unnoticeable, as it is meant to naturally complement the rest of your smile.

About the Procedure:

We begin by removing all the decay in your tooth. Once we removed the decay, we take an impression of the tooth which is then sent to our lab where your new restoration will be crafted. We then fit you with a temporary restoration. Your temporary crown will resemble your natural teeth, allowing you to continue with your daily life without having to worry about either the look or the function of the tooth.

On the second visit, we remove the temporary crown and replace it with your final restoration. Your new crown is fitted comfortably into the mouth, with every effort made to ensure your new tooth feels just like one of your own natural teeth. Finally, we cement the crown into place leaving you with a fully restored, beautiful smile.

The process of a full crown restoration typically requires two to three appointments. Although most crowns are completed in two visits, we are fully committed to the comfort and natural look of your tooth, so should you require any additional adjustments, we will do so with a follow-up appointment.

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