Valentine’s Day 2011

Sally Field, playing the character of Nora Walker in the TV series “Brothers and Sisters”, said that she wanted to feel like she was enough, all by herself, just like she is — enough for the man in her life.

I think there is tremendous wisdom in that thought. How wonderful it would be if we each knew , with all our faults, with our failings, regardless of our age, our job or our current health, that the person we love feels the same way about us.Falling in love is easy. Showing that love, helping the people we love feel like they are special, that they are the most important thing in the world to us … that’s the challenge. People live busy lives. Work, children, keeping the home together, the stress of a schedule marked to the minute, all get in the way of finding some time just to be together. We can’t look our best all the time. We certainly can’t compete with the people we see on TV and in movies and magazines. But those people, those images, don’t love you. They won’t be there in the darkest moments, they don’t share your tears — or your triumphs and joys, either. They won’t be there for you through the good years and the bad. Young people tend to think they will look, act, feel and function the same when they are ‘old’ as they do today. Some adults still think the way they did when they were 20. But eventually everyone looks in the mirror and sees that time and mileage takes a toll on us physically. We might begin to wonder, like Sally Field, if we are enough any more.I’m one of the lucky ones. I found my soul-mate and after all our years together I still love her dearly. I know I’m very lucky and I’m thankful for her every single day.Do something nice for your partner on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you don’t have to buy diamond jewelry that goes out of style, or flowers that die, just do something to make him or her smile.Let your partner know that he or she is not only enough for you, that he or she is everything to you.And if love hasn’t smiled on you yet, don’t give up on it. When it does, and it will, don’t be afraid. Let it in. Love is the best, the very best thing in life.Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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