Whitening / Bleaching

Sunset Oak Dental offers professional teeth whitening and teeth bleaching services to the Rocklin and Roseville, California area.

Over time the surfaces of our teeth tend to discolor or appear stained. Any number of factors contribute to this unsightly occurrence: smoking, coffee, tea, plus an endless variety of unhealthy foods and snacks. If you are embarrassed by your yellow smile, relax . . . we can help. Having a dazzling white smile is easy and safe, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Furthermore, whitening your teeth is a simple procedure that we can complete in a short amount of time.

About the Procedure:

We begin by taking a “before photo” of your teeth for measurement purposes. Then full impressions are taken of your upper and lower teeth. These impressions are used to create comfortable, custom fit bleaching trays. You then place the whitening solution in the trays and wear them for a few hours each day. Within about a week to ten days, you will experience a big improvement in the color of your teeth. If you find yourself smiling more, and feeling confident again, it’s because your teeth are now brighter and much more attractive. We will then you’re your “after photo,” allowing you to see just how much of a difference a white smile can make.

Bleaching only works on natural teeth and may not be effective in all cases. Before we undergo this procedure, we will inform you as to the potential whitening for your specific situation.

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