Afraid of visiting the dentist?

Answer: You are not alone – anxiety is the number one reason for 50% of the US population that do not seek dental treatment.  If you have been hiding your smile, living with pain, or putting off going to the dentist because you’re too anxious, we have new technologies which make visits to the dentist office virtual painless.

Replacing missing or loose teeth with dental implants: Why do I need to replace teeth? What are implants?

Answer: Tooth loss may occur due decay, disease or trauma. One more can adversely affect the appearance and functionality of your smile. Missing teeth cause a change in bite, shifting teeth, temporo-mandibular joint disorder, speech impediments, an increased risk for gum greater chance tooth decay.  Ideally, they should be replaced with a dental implant.  The implant is made titanium shaped like screw, with a crown on top to cover the entire tooth.  It is inserted into pre-drilled hole in the jaw bone and t fuses when cells grow into threads implant.  It then becomes solidly anchored, making most effective durable substitute lost teeth.

What options do I have to whiten my teeth?

Answer: Teeth whitening procedures enhance the smile by reducing stains and discolorations made over time by food, drink, and lifestyle.

In-office Zoom Whitening: This procedure is administered by a dentist with a whitening gel and special light. This procedure is very effective and can whiten teeth by 7-10 shades. The effects are immediate and long-lasting.  We may also include a take home tray gel as well. The treatment may cause sensitivity and patients may require painkillers before or after treatment.

At-home Whitening: The most effective at-home procedure involves a prescription-strength gel kit, with a mouth tray to be worn once or twice a day for 7-10 days. The gel kit can be quite effective and whitens teeth by 4-6 shades.  It is easy to use and the effects last up to 12-18 months. There may be sensitivity during treatment.

Smile Makeovers for that Movie Star Smile: What is a smile makeover? Is it right for me?

Answer:  A smile makeover is series of cosmetic dental procedures which enhance the beauty and appearance of a smile resulting in a straight, white and beautiful smile. Smile makeovers are created with the use of porcelain veneers or crowns.  Veneers are thin porcelain shells placed on the front surfaces of the teeth. Veneers allow the cosmetic dentist to dramatically change the length, width, color and shape of a tooth offering a natural look and feel.  Veneers resist staining, creating an enduring bright smile which will last for years.  Porcelain crowns offer the same advantages.

You may be a candidate for a smile makeover if you:

  • Dislike the appearance of your smile or hide your smile
  • Have crooked or uneven teeth
  • Have chipped or broken teeth
  • Have stained and discolored teeth
  • Have unsightly gaps between teeth
  • Have a gummy smile

Oral Cancer: Should I be concerned about Cancer?

Answer: Early detection key reducing devastating impact Annual screening at increased 18 older, any age, highly recommended.  A thorough visual exam devices will help dentist detect abnormalities soft tissues. Schedule your check-up today insist on an screening.

I’ve heard about painless surgery with lasers? Can you tell me more?

Answer: Yes, advances in today’s technologies make it possible to go through dental procedures (like gum surgery) without cuts and bleeds.  The dental laser can be used as a surgical instrument, without the common surgical effects.

Root canals–are they painful as I hear most of the time? 

Answer:  A root canal being painful is an old urban myth.  The perception is more related to pain and discomfort experienced leading up their treatment than the actual treatment itself.  Modern advances in dentistry have rendered the procedure relatively pain-free.