Valentine’s Day 2011

Sally Field, playing the character of Nora Walker in the TV series “Brothers and Sisters”, said that she wanted to feel like she was enough, all by herself, just like she is — enough for the man in her life. I think there is tremendous wisdom in that thought. How wonderful it would be if we each knew , with all our faults, with our failings, read more

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New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions each year? How many times have you actually kept one of those resolutions? Most of us don’t last long with resolutions because they tend to involve meeting pretty lofty goals that we have set for ourselves:

Friendly Reminder to All About Dental Benefits

It’s hard to believe but 2010 will soon be over and your insurance maximums will begin to anew for 2011. December is your final month to schedule those dental appointments that have been postponed. Finishing your dental treatment before your yearly maximum has been reached is the best way to both care for your teeth and get the most from you de read more

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Can popcorn cause an abscess?

Popcorn can be a delicious, low calorie snack but it can cause tooth problems. Along with the occasional uncooked kernel contributing to cracks in teeth, the indigestible brown husks can wedge into the space between the gum and tooth. This can be especially prevalent around partially impacted lower wisdom teeth or patients with periodontal disease. read more

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Halloween History

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Halloween and More! Well, after an exhaustive research on your behalf has uncovered all the trivia that you’ve ever wanted to know about Halloween. Have you ever wondered “What’s the deal with this holiday anyway? Who thought it up and why do we still dress up our children and parade them aroun read more

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